Hamish and Ewan (Sandy) Galloway have been working hard to finish their Alchemy Builders Kit before the 2017 F3A World Championships in Argentina. They have now achieved that goal!

The Model looks absolutely stunning and according to Hamish, flys as good as it looks.

The Model is powered by a YS which is a 185 CDI.

Servos are by MKS. HBL6625 on elevators, HBL575SL on Ailerons, HV1220 on rudder and HV75K on the throttle.

Here are some progressive pictures of Hamish’s model.

  • alchemy-builders-kit-Hamish-flown-1
  • alchemy-builders-kit-Hamish-flown-2
  • alchemy-builders-kit-Hamish-flown-3
  • alchemy-builders-kit-Hamish-flown-4
  • alchemy-builders-kit-hamish-01
  • alchemy-builders-kit-hamish-02
  • alchemy-builders-kit-hamish-03
  • alchemy-builders-kit-hamish-04
  • alchemy-builders-kit-hamish-05
  • alchemy-builders-kit-hamish-06
  • alchemy-builders-kit-hamish-07
  • alchemy-builders-kit-hamish-08
  • alchemy-builders-kit-hamish-09
  • alchemy-builders-kit-hamish-10
  • alchemy-builders-kit-hamish-11
  • alchemy-builders-kit-hamish-12
  • alchemy-builders-kit-hamish-13
  • alchemy-builders-kit-hamish-14
  • alchemy-builders-kit-hamish-15
  • alchemy-builders-kit-hamish-16
  • alchemy-builders-kit-hamish-17